Synergy Essentials High Output Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

Synergy Essentials High Output Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

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Synergy Essentials Nebulizing Diffuser
Glass 'Silencer'
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Quick Overview

The Synergy Essentials® Diffuser: Providing the highest concentration of essential oil in your environment by making a mist of the oil alone, without water, or heat. This diffuser is used by our staff in the office more than any other, and enjoyed around the world by both professional and home users.

The top-of-the-line Synergy Essentials® of Boulder, Colorado. Setting a new standard in elegance and function, this quiet, high-output diffuser will meet your aromatherapy needs for years to come. This is the only unit of this style with a removable glass cap, allowing cleaning of the diffuser tubules inside.

We have received many wonderful comments from health practitioners using these in their treatment centers and office spaces. Some have made note that this is possibly the best therapeutic-quality diffuser available in North America today.

Cold air nebulizing is the most effective way of diffusing essential oils for therapeutic activity. We consider this theSynergy Essential Oils Diffuser Kit absolute best diffuser for immune system support and 'disinfecting' your environment. This diffuser has many distinguishing features:

  • The pump is integrated in the wood base - no external pump or tubing.
  • Precision 2-piece glass enables easy changing of essential oils. Only glass comes in contact with the oils at any time.
  • Easily cleaned using plain rubbing alcohol. Removable top allows for cleaning of micro-tubes if necessary (this is the ONLY one of these diffuser styles that allows this).
  • Essential oil vapor output is precisely adjustable.
  • Natural wood base can easily be stained or painted to suit your taste.
  • Most quiet of the nebulizing diffusers we have ever tested.
  • Nebulizing action makes a fine mist of your essential oils, diffusing into a space up to 1600 square feet.

Synergy Essential Oils Diffuser Box

We've used other nebulizing diffusers, and here's why we like this one best:

The natural wood base is absolutely lovely; it has a more 'organic' feel than metal or plastic units, and the wood contributes to the quietness of the already quiet pump. The pump is completely integrated into the base, rather than a 'fish tank pump' attached to a piece of hose and then to the glass ~ much more elegant. The glass is easier to clean than other similar units due to the wide-mouth top, and it has been much easier for us to offer customer support, as there really has been very little needed! And while some units have a 'built-in timer', those timers only have one cycle. If you wanted to run it for a shorter or longer period, you couldn't. And now that this is on sale, a fully programmable timer can be matched with this diffuser for about the same price as similar diffuser models.

Diffusing essential oils has been shown to significantly reduce the bacterial count in the air around you.

Research published in the April 2009 "Letters in Applied Microbiology" noted diffusing a simple blend of lemongrass and geranium essential oils resulted in an 89% reduction in the airborne bacterial count in an office environment. The essential oil vapors were reported to also inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces as well. (To produce this blend yourself, we recommend equal parts of the "citral" type lemongrass and the Egyptian geranium "asperum" type). While we're not fanatics, we do run this diffuser regularly throughout the "cold and flu" season with, what we believe to be, wonderful results.

The unit works well with all pure essential oils except for the thickest (a very thick Myrrh, for example). The unit will not effectively diffuse blends which include a carrier oil, so check your labels (blends with carriers will work in our other diffusers as well). Not having a timer means you may want one to most efficiently use your oils; using an external timer gives you extra flexibility in the on/off cycling to best meet your needs.

A digital timer works well with this diffuser, to set a number of cycles and the duration of those cycles you'd like it running on a daily basis.

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