Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

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Quick Overview

This Synergy Essentials 100% pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from oranges, organically grown in the USA.

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

A relatively small evergreen tree, this variety of Orange tree is native to China yet now widely cultivated in North America, and the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Italy and France.

About the Oil

Sweet Orange essential oil is the oil produced from the fruit of the orange tree - Other 'orange' essential oils are from the bitter orange tree: Petitgrain oil being produced from the leaves, Neroli oil from the blossoms, and Bergamot being pressed from the peels.

Aromatherapy Notes

 Sweet Orange essential oil is brightly fragrant, uplifting the emotions and the mind.

Orange oil is a lovely to blend with, adding a sweet citrus note. It harmonizes particularly well with spice oils such as Clove, floral oils such as Lavender and musk-like aromatics such as that in Frankincense.

Traditional Uses

Orange essential oil has been used for its calming, sedative effects and its anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, and anticoagulant actions.

In Chinese medicine the dried sweet orange peel is used to treat coughs, colds, anorexia and malignant breast sores.

Therapeutic Effects

Antibacterial, Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Carminative, Choleretic, Digestive, Fungicidal, Hypotensive, Sedative (nervous system), Stimulant (digestive and lymphastic), Stomachic, Tonic

Sweet Orange oil has also been touted as antitumoral; research is pending.  nbsp;

Cardiovascular System:

  • Calms heart palpitations

  • Mild anti-coagulant

  • Improves circulation

  • Psychological:

  • Effective antidepressant

  • Warming, uplifting and soothing

  • Calms and balances the emotions

  • Dermatological:

  • Improves dull complexions

  • Reduces redness and inflammation nbsp; nbsp;

  • Application and Use

    Place a few drops into a steam inhaler for bronchitis,

    In a carrier oil such as jojoba or rosehip, Orange oil can be beneficial for skin health if used in small quantities.

    Blending several Orange oils together and diffusing is recommended for relieving tension and anxiety.


    Genernally considered non-toxic, large amounts of Orange oil are not healthy to ingest or apply topically. In addition, it should not be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight, as it may cause heightened sensitivity.

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