Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil

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Quick Overview

Synergy Essentials 100% pure essential oil of Neroli, is steam distilled from the flowers of Bitter Orange trees, organically grown in Morocco. The Neroli is a 100% pure, beautiful, subtle floral essential oil, highly regarded for use in skin care, natural perfumery, and one of aromatherapy's most effective stress relievers. Neroli Petitgrain is distilled from the entire flowering branch, with an 18% by weight of the Neroli flowers on the branch, imparting many of the qualities of Neroli, with a lovely woody, complex aroma.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Neroli oil is extracted from the flowers of the evergreen 'bitter orange' or 'seville' tree. Native to southeast Asia, this varietal serves enormous importance to the essential oil industry: the twigs and leaves are distilled into Petitgrain oil, and Bitter Orange oil is achieved by pressing the rind. The name 'Neroli' came from Anna Maria de La Tremoille, Princess of Nerola who first introduced the fragrance to Italy.

About the Oil
This Neroli essential oil is steam distilled from the freshly picked flowers of Seville orange trees, naturally grown in France.

It takes one Ton of orange blossoms to produce just 1 quart of oil.

Aromatherapy Notes
This essential oil has a bright orange top note, a musty, floral middle note and a dry, herbaceous undertone.

It blends well with Cedarwood, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Rose and Sandalwood oils.

Traditional Uses
Being one of the key essential oils in the classic Eau de Cologne (with Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon and Rosemary), it has a long history in aromatherapy use as a tonic to gently calm the nervous system.

Medicinally, the oil has been used to treat gastrointestinal complaints, nervous conditions, gout, and sore throats.

Therapeutic Properties Described In The Aromatherapy Literature

Antibacterial, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Astringent (mild), Carminitive, Cictrisant, Deodorant, Nervine, Stimulant (digestive). (See Definitions.)


    • One of the most effective oils to calm and stabilize the heart and mind (along with Rose, Lavender and Melissa)
    • Relieves insomnia and reduces nervousness
    • Beneficial for most stress-related disorders of emotional origin
    • Effective in incidences of shock and depression
    • Promotes clarity of mind and senses

    Digestive System:

    • Calms intestinal and stomach discomfort (especially stress-related)
    • Quells spasms and cramping
    • Treats diarrhea

    Circulatory System:

    • Used to treat heart palpitations
    • Reduces hypertension


    • One of the premier oils for adding tone to mature skin (along with Rose Otto and Clary Sage)
    • Beneficial for sensitive skin
    • Rejuvenates skin and promotes healthy cell growth

    Application and Use


    • Rub a few drops on the solar plexus to aid with intestinal issues due to stress
    • Dilute in jojoba oil for skin treatments
    • A tonic for the female reproductive system; for relief of menstrual cramps: add to a bath or dilute to 10% in Apricot Kernel Oil and massage into the abdomen.


    • Diffusing Neroli can enhance the ambiance of a room, encouraging tranquility and relaxation
    • Dilute in jojoba oil and wear as a natural perfume


    • 1-3 drops diluted in water until symptoms subside
    • Safe for use with children and infants
    Neroli is a gentle, non-toxic, a non-irritant and non-sensitizing oil. As with all essential oils, use in moderation and consultation with a physician is recommended if ingesting.

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