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Essential Oils

Synergy Essential's line of pure therapeutic grade essential oils: At Synergy Essentials, we are very concerned about the quality of our oils - they must be produced to exacting standards in order to retain their therapeutic properties, as well as their most beautiful aromas.

We employ a wide variety of testing, including GCMS, optical rotation, specific gravity, and of course, organoleptic evaluation from several experienced professional sources to ensure the highest quality oils are consistently delivered to you. Batch to batch, bottle to bottle, throughout the year.

Further, we use special UV-"proof' bottles for the best long-term storage protection for your oils. Developed in Switzerland, made by Miron, the "Violette" glass was specifically made to ensure quality of light-sensitive liquids such as essential oils.

We offer an incredible lineup of single pure essential oils, in addition to a wide variety of therapeutic blends. Our single oils are sourced from exceptional distillers all over the world, whom take the time and consideration to create the finest oil available from every plant variety. Our list includes many "supercritical CO2 distilled" oils, in addition to classic steam distillates. Some oils are available using both distillation techniques, some are only made by CO2 distillation, and in some cases, we've opted to only offer the CO2 product where we believe it both has all the same therapeutic properties of the steam distilled, and outshines in in many ways.

At Synergy Essentials, we're concerned about the health of those using our essential oils. It's crucial that end-users of our essential oils receive the finest medicine the field of aroma-therapeutics has to offer.

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Rosehip Essential Oil CO2 Total

Starting at: $1.36
This is a total extract of the Rosehip fruit -- not only the seeds, but the fruit itself, with its deep red color indicating its richness of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Rosehip seed oil as a carrier oil made its debut in the 1980's with university studies in South America showing its anti-aging effect on the skin. More recently, it has been discovered that the entire rosehip fruit is exceptionally rich in nutrients that make it an exquisite skin-care ingredient.

We use it all the time in our skin care formulas, particularly for anti-aging, as its antioxidant concentration is probably unmatched, except perhaps by one or two very similar other oils such as Calendula, Carrot Root and Sea Buckthorn. It's a wonderful oi: a "CO2 Total" from the entire rosehip fruit, exacting ALL the lipid-soluble nutrients into the oil. Learn More

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