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Essential Oils

Synergy Essential's line of pure therapeutic grade essential oils: At Synergy Essentials, we are very concerned about the quality of our oils - they must be produced to exacting standards in order to retain their therapeutic properties, as well as their most beautiful aromas.

We employ a wide variety of testing, including GCMS, optical rotation, specific gravity, and of course, organoleptic evaluation from several experienced professional sources to ensure the highest quality oils are consistently delivered to you. Batch to batch, bottle to bottle, throughout the year.

Further, we use special UV-"proof' bottles for the best long-term storage protection for your oils. Developed in Switzerland, made by Miron, the "Violette" glass was specifically made to ensure quality of light-sensitive liquids such as essential oils.

We offer an incredible lineup of single pure essential oils, in addition to a wide variety of therapeutic blends. Our single oils are sourced from exceptional distillers all over the world, whom take the time and consideration to create the finest oil available from every plant variety. Our list includes many "supercritical CO2 distilled" oils, in addition to classic steam distillates. Some oils are available using both distillation techniques, some are only made by CO2 distillation, and in some cases, we've opted to only offer the CO2 product where we believe it both has all the same therapeutic properties of the steam distilled, and outshines in in many ways.

At Synergy Essentials, we're concerned about the health of those using our essential oils. It's crucial that end-users of our essential oils receive the finest medicine the field of aroma-therapeutics has to offer.

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Helichrysum Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.90

This pure Helichrysum essential oil from Helichrysum italicum flowers organically grown and distilled in France. This is GC/MS verified to have exceptional levels of y-curcuminoids and italidiones, the anti-inflammatory and regenerative constituentes of this important essential oil. We use this oil ourselves in many healing applications, with very effective results.

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Hyssop Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.44

This pure Hyssop essential oil is steam distilled from Hyssop herb grown in Bulgaria. Hyssop officinalis is high in ketones, which should be used by those with knowledge of its application. Is is considered a potent anti-viral medicinal.

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Inula Essential Oil

Starting at: $277.13

This pure Inula essential oil steam distilled from the roots of Inula graveolens organically grown in France. This is a profoundly therapeutic oil, noted for its mucolytic properties—its ability to help move congestion in either the lungs or the sinuses. There appears to be no better oil to do this with and can be included in small amounts in both cold-care and asthma recipes. At no more than odor threshold, Inula is noted for these effects.

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Jasmine, Grandiflorum Absolute

Starting at: $3.81

This pure Jasmine absolute, from Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers naturally grown in Egypt. This is the day-blooming Jasmine, with a deep, intriguing aroma. You'll find higher, sweeter notes in the Sambac if you prefer ~ they also blend nicely together. This particular Jasmine "Grand" extraction (also known as "Royal" Jasmine) is one of the nicest we've ever had the opportunity to enjoy ~ highly recommended!

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Jasmine, Sambac

Starting at: $6.70

This pure Jasmine absolute is from Jasmine sambac flowers grown in India. This is an extremely beautiful Jasmine variety with sweet floral notes, unique and highly recommended.

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Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.40

This pure Juniper oil is CO2 distilled from Juniper berries wild grown in India. This is a brilliant cold-distilled variety. It is more viscous than most Juniper berry essential oils, with a slowly-releasing, full Juniper aroma. We went through several varieties to find this one, and we're sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

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Lavender Essential Oil, High Elevation

Starting at: $1.38

Synergy's High Elevation Lavender oil may be the most widely appreciated of our many lavender varieties. Its soft, flora aspects shine through, with a less pronounced middle tone. Though personal preference is great, depending on the pronunciation of the sweeter floral notes (found most prominently in the Wild Lavender), or the more herbaceous middle notes in the Vera and Bulgarian oils. This oil seems to have the perfect balance, with it - on average - being our favorite at the store.

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Lavender Essential Oil, Wild

Starting at: $1.39

From Synergy Essentials, 100% pure therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil steam distilled from lavender flowers wild grown at higher elevations of France. This is a beautiful, full-bodied lavender, with a high linalool content. Some consider this their favorite lavender of all time, with exceptional therapeutic properties.

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Lemon Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.33

 Synergy Essentials offers this 100% pure Lemon essential oil cold-pressed from the peels of Lemons organically grown in Italy. Organic production is especially important with lemon oil, as commercial production typically includes spraying of the fruit with pesticides.

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Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.34

This pure essential oil of Lemon Tea Tree is steam distilled from the leaves of certified organically grown plants in South Africa. There is a great range of quality found in Lemon Tea Tree ~ This is an exceptionally nice, very potent variety. We've compared it others, and always find this one significantly stronger, with a brilliant lemon-like aroma.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.33

This 100% pure essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of Lemongrass organically grown in India. This is a very complex variety of Lemongrass, producing a bright, fresh aroma, and exceptional therapeutic properties.

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Lime Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.34

Synergy Essentials offers this 100% pure Lime essential oil steam distilled from the peels of Limes organically grown in Mexico. This steam distilled oil is likened to 'sweet lime candy', while the cold-pressed oils have a balance of tart citrus brightness, and fresh sweetness that is reminiscent of the fresh, ripe fruit.

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