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Essential Oils

Synergy Essential's line of pure therapeutic grade essential oils: At Synergy Essentials, we are very concerned about the quality of our oils - they must be produced to exacting standards in order to retain their therapeutic properties, as well as their most beautiful aromas.

We employ a wide variety of testing, including GCMS, optical rotation, specific gravity, and of course, organoleptic evaluation from several experienced professional sources to ensure the highest quality oils are consistently delivered to you. Batch to batch, bottle to bottle, throughout the year.

Further, we use special UV-"proof' bottles for the best long-term storage protection for your oils. Developed in Switzerland, made by Miron, the "Violette" glass was specifically made to ensure quality of light-sensitive liquids such as essential oils.

We offer an incredible lineup of single pure essential oils, in addition to a wide variety of therapeutic blends. Our single oils are sourced from exceptional distillers all over the world, whom take the time and consideration to create the finest oil available from every plant variety. Our list includes many "supercritical CO2 distilled" oils, in addition to classic steam distillates. Some oils are available using both distillation techniques, some are only made by CO2 distillation, and in some cases, we've opted to only offer the CO2 product where we believe it both has all the same therapeutic properties of the steam distilled, and outshines in in many ways.

At Synergy Essentials, we're concerned about the health of those using our essential oils. It's crucial that end-users of our essential oils receive the finest medicine the field of aroma-therapeutics has to offer.

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Elemi Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.35

This 100% pure Elemi essential oil from Synergy Essentials has a bright, fresh, uplifting lemony-eucalyptus aroma and is steam distilled from Elemi tree resin, organically grown and harvested in the Philippines.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.37

This Synergy Essentials 100% pure Blue Gum Eucalyptus essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of Eucalyptus Globulus trees grown in Corsica. Many Eucalyptus globulus oils are rectified or re-distilled for manufacturing. This is Corsian oil is in its natural, most therapeutic state, having a bright, fresh, full-bodied aroma.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Radiata

Starting at: $1.32

Synergy Essentials 100% pure organic Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus essential oil is steam distilled by amazing therapeutic grade distiller in South Africa. Eucalyptus Radiata may be the Eucalyptus with the most broadly therapeutic action, with a nice, bright aroma. One of the most important factors in the Cineol-rich essential oils is that the stock be very fresh, and we take special care to ensure this quality for you.

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Fennel Essential Oil

Starting at: $10.66

This pure Sweet Fennel essential oil steam distilled from the seeds of Fennel herb, organically grown in Egypt.

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Fir Needle Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.32

Our pure essential oil of Russian organically grown Siberian Fir, steam distilled from the needles. This has that rich and wonderful classic, brilliant Fir Needle aroma. We've recently moved from Balsam fir, to this lovely Siberian fir to provide a lower cost oil with the same aromatic and therapeutic properties.

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Frankincense Essential Oil, CO2, Carteri

Starting at: $1.38

The Boswellia carteri from Somalia is the most widely researched for the medicinal actions of Frankincense, with an uplifting woody and citrusy aroma.

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Frankincense, Seratta, Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.42

This Frankincense essential oil is wildcrafted, and organically cultivated. It is also CO2 distilled, which is considered by some leading therapists to produce the most therapeutic Frankincense oils. The Boswellia seratta from India has a deep, rich, complex aroma which may be our favorite.

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Galbanum Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.52
This CO2 distilled essential oil from Galbanum resin, from shrubs grown in Turkey. Galbanum essential oil has a powerful green, leaf-like and woody, pine needle / balsamic undertone. We have found many of the steam distilled varieties to be challenging, while this CO2 distillation brings out a smooth, full and rich aroma. Learn More

Geranium Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.40

From Synergy Essentials, this is the "classic" Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens, with a wonderfully rich aroma, and the very diverse therapeutic properties of Geraniumpure Geranium essential oil. Steam distilled from tops and flowers of plants organically grown in South Africa.

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Ginger Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.45

This pure Ginger 'select' essential oil CO2 distilled from Ginger rhizome grown in India. This is another of the 'spice' oils gaining depth and richness with the cold-distillation method, and is thought by some aromatherapists to be more therapeutic for arthritis and blends for the muscular ~ skeletal system than the steam distilled variety. We also have a wonderful organic steam distilled ginger with a bright, fresh aroma -- considered the more effective oil for digestive issues, where Ginger is considered so important.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil, Pink

Starting at: $1.39

From Synergy Essentials, a rich organic Pink Grapefruit essential oil. Cold pressed from the peels of ripe grapefruit grown in South Africa, this is some of the most wonderful grapefruit oil we've ever tried. The distiller in South Africa specilies in a series of pure, therapeutic grade oils, and it's wonderful to find an organically grown grapefruit oil at these excellent prices. The local climate is ideal for growing of citrus fruit, and we think you'll agree when you sample this!

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Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.44

This pure Rose Geranium oil, steam distilled from tops and flowers of plants wildgrown in Albania. It is this 'odorantissium' variety described in 'Advanced Aromatherapy' for its broad range of effects. It has a wonderful aroma, with brilliant floral notes.

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