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Essential Oils

Synergy Essential's line of pure therapeutic grade essential oils: At Synergy Essentials, we are very concerned about the quality of our oils - they must be produced to exacting standards in order to retain their therapeutic properties, as well as their most beautiful aromas.

We employ a wide variety of testing, including GCMS, optical rotation, specific gravity, and of course, organoleptic evaluation from several experienced professional sources to ensure the highest quality oils are consistently delivered to you. Batch to batch, bottle to bottle, throughout the year.

Further, we use special UV-"proof' bottles for the best long-term storage protection for your oils. Developed in Switzerland, made by Miron, the "Violette" glass was specifically made to ensure quality of light-sensitive liquids such as essential oils.

We offer an incredible lineup of single pure essential oils, in addition to a wide variety of therapeutic blends. Our single oils are sourced from exceptional distillers all over the world, whom take the time and consideration to create the finest oil available from every plant variety. Our list includes many "supercritical CO2 distilled" oils, in addition to classic steam distillates. Some oils are available using both distillation techniques, some are only made by CO2 distillation, and in some cases, we've opted to only offer the CO2 product where we believe it both has all the same therapeutic properties of the steam distilled, and outshines in in many ways.

At Synergy Essentials, we're concerned about the health of those using our essential oils. It's crucial that end-users of our essential oils receive the finest medicine the field of aroma-therapeutics has to offer.

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Ambrette Seed Essential Oil

Starting at: $6.94

From Synergy Essentials, 100% pure premium therapeutic grade Ambrette Seed essential oil, or Musk Seed essential oil. This incredible distillation is an excellent choice for a unique touch to your natural perfumery blends.

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Amyris Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.34

From Synergy Essentials, 100% pure therapeutic grade wildcrafted Amyris essential oil. Steam distilled from the wood of Amyris trees wildgrown in Haiti, Amyris has a lovely, soft balsamic aroma. Amryis has been used in place of Sandalwood in natural perfumery and body care formulas.

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Angelica Root Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.70

From Synergy Essentials, pure essential oil of Angelica Root, steam distilled from the slender rootlets of Angelica grown in Hungary. This is an absolutely heavenly Angelica, very rich and beautifully complex. The oil is deeply rich aromatically, and is thought to assist in release of old emotional wounds.

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Anise Seed Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.33

From Synergy Essential's, Pure Anise Seed essential oil steam distilled from the dried ripe fruit of Anise grown in Egypt. Anise is known for its uplifting and spicy licorice-like aroma. A really wonderful spice oil with many applications!

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Basil Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.35
This is a lovely, rich, Sweet Basil wildcrafted in Nepal. Basil essential oil has a wide array of applications from sharpening the mental state to relieving fatigue. Its complex aroma has slightly green and balsamic undertones, and this linalool chemotype in particular is found to be sweeter, and considered the safest, of all Basil varieties. Learn More

Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.39
From Synergy Essentials, this is 100% pure essential oil of Bay Laurel leaf, from trees organically grown on the Mediterranean island of Crete. Bay Laurel oil is unique in aromatherapy with a broad spectrum of effects from its diverse molecular components. Research has shown it to be a potent anti-viral. It is the Mediterranean varieties that are preferred in aromatherapy use. Learn More

Bergamot Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.37
From Synergy Essentials, pure Bergamot oil from bitter oranges cold pressed from the peels of ripe organically fruit grown in Italy. Italy is known for the finest soils for the production of exceptional citrus fruit. This is a wonderful 100% pure Bergamot essential oil with a beautiful, full bouquet. This is by far the most complex Bergamot we've ever experienced. Learn More

Birch Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.33
Our essential oil of Birch is steam distilled from the bark of Adirondack Birch trees. Chemically similar to Wintergreen, its long extraction time makes it heavier than water! Sweetly spiced woody tones make this oil a wonderful respiratory aid, clearing the sinuses and stimulating the mind. Learn More

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Starting at: $1.35
Our Black Pepper essential oil is steam distilled from ripe pepper fruit grown in India. The essential oil benefits significantly from the cold distillation process, retaining more of its lovely spicy nature. May act to increase cellular oxygenation, can support digestion, stimulate the endocrine system, increase energy overall, may help with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms by increasing circulation. Learn More

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