Carrier Oils: Specialty Blends

A 'carrier oil' is a seed or nut oil, molecularly different than an 'essential oil'. They're comprised of long-chain fatty acids, and have an 'oily' texture you're familiar with like Olive oil. They are called 'carriers', as they're meant to carry essential oils into the skin and body.

Carrier oils each have their own therapeutic properties, as to essential oils. Browse to each carrier oil to review these. Some are excellent for healing skin care uses, and others are great for massage and reflexology. Almond Oil, for example, is taught to massage therapy students, and they use it extensively for full-body massage (it's texture has a nice 'glide'). Other oils like Tamanu are complex, somewhat rare, and have incredible healing properties for the skin - Tamanu is great for nearly every skin care application, from anti-aging blends, to anti-infectious formulas.

Our high grade carrier oils are suitable for all aromatherapy, massage and cosmetic applications. We only supply cold and expeller pressed oils, never those extracted using solvents.

Our carrier oils are shipped in high-grade, lined aluminum bottles, designed to safely store your carrier oils without light interaction. And they look really great

In many recipes, you'll see a percentage of essential oil to be blended in carrier oils. The amount of essential oil necessary to achieve any desired concentration is very easy to calculate: each 1% essential oil is equal to 11 drops essential oil per 1 fluid ounce of carrier oil. So, for example, a 2% concentration of Rosemary essential oil in 1 ounce of carrier is 22 drops. In 4 ounces, it is 4 ounces x 2 percent x 11 drops = 88 drops.

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