About Synergy Essential Oils

Synergy Essentials® was founded on the idea of consistently delivering the finest therapeutic grade essential oils to our customers. Be they home users, licensed practitioners, natural health professionals, or formulators of the highest quality natural products, the owners of Synergy Essentials LLC are dedicated to the incredible medicines these products have to offer.

Our founders and employees have a rich experience in using essential oils, and understand the difference a pure, perfectly produced oil makes in all aspects of its use. We believe essential oils are not just fantastic aromas, but even scientific research is showing us they have a vast array of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

We utilize a variety of test methods, including GC/MS analysis, optical rotation, specific gravity, and more, as well as organoleptic examination. We know that essential oils are not just about their scents, but according to thousands of peer-reviewed published scientific studies, the use of essential oils constitutes an entire branch of natural medicine.

We guarantee our products - that they are pure, and meet the highest therapeutic standards today.

To all of you, from all of us at Synergy Essentials - Thank you!