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Welcome to Synergy Essential Oils®

 Consistently delivering the world's finest essential oils of every variety is our specialty.

• 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Our customers believe our essential oil
   singles to be among the finest they've ever tried.

• Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends for Skin Care, Joint & Muscle Stiffness, and much more

• Carrier Oils of Exceptional Quality, Cold and Expeller-pressed, Organic & Fresh

• The Synergy Essentials Diffuser with High Output for Therapeutic Applications

Our staff has carefully chosen wildgrown, select and organic essential oil varieties - our intention is to provide you with botanicals of the highest vibration - the purest and truest to nature. We also offer other great aromatherapy diffusers, nebulizers, and carrier oils.

Our pure essential oils and blends are chosen and formulated by our staff Naturopath for the utmost purity and holistic effect.
Our oil collection represents the some of the world's best therapeutic-grade varieties - We think you'll notice the difference in our selections - the 'depth' of the aromas is great in our oils. Many aromatherapy oils are not as complex, and we think this may affect an oil's benefits. They just seem to smell nicer, too!

We strive to provide you the best in aromatherapy products at the lowest possible prices. We care about your health, your trust, and the welfare of our larger community, and offer products that reflect these values. If you do not find what you need, please do not hesitate to email or call - we'd love to hear from you. To speak to someone, call toll free: 1-303-800-6270.

We carry our own select line of essential oils under the 'Synergy Essential Oils' banner. Our products are selected by aromatherapists from sources around the world to find you some of the finest oils available. We are not simply trying to find the least expensive aromatherapy oils, or the most rare connoisseur oils, but the best value available in world-class therapeutic grade select, wildcrafted and organic essential oils. A few wonderful examples include our Bergamot, wild Lavender, CO2 Distilled Frankincense and Melissa oils, all of which are exceptional therapeutic aromatics, with very 'complete' and balanced aromas, and important indicator of their therapeutic potential.